Maggie Daley Park will be the result of reimagining and renovating over 2o acres of Grant Park, including Daley Bicentennial Plaza. Click here to read about the North Grant Park site’s history, existing conditions, and the vision for its future.
Click here to view a variety of images related to the new park, including a visual history of the site, photographs of existing conditions, and graphics shown at public meetings. The latest plans for the park can be viewed here.

Construction on Maggie Daley Park began October 2012. Click here to read about progress updates and view webcam images of the construction.


October 2014 Construction Update

As each week goes by, exciting new progress is being made at Maggie Daley Park. The Ice Ribbon has now been completely formed and the final setup of the system is underway. Trees, shrubs, and perennials are being dotted throughout the site, and the final shapes of the picnic groves are being developed. The most prominent developments are the Light Masts and the formation of the climbing walls. The 50 foot tall Light Masts will create a “moon-lit” glow across the lawn valleys once the final installation and aiming of light fixtures has been completed. The climbing walls, with a unique panel design, are being pieced together and new portions are going as in each day. Significant progress has been made in the Play Garden over the last month, with the erection of the 30’ tall Suspension Bridge Towers and the beginnings of the play surface installation. Check the Project Webcams to keep track of the daily progress.


September 2014 Construction Update


The final stages of construction at Maggie Daley Park have kicked into high-gear. The first segments of the Ice Ribbon have been constructed and the steel for first of two Climbing Walls has been erected. The design team has been working hand-in-hand with the landscape contractors to make final adjustments to the Tree, Shrub, and Perennial plantings. Over the next few weeks, the remainder of the Ice Ribbon will be completed and the Playground will take shape. Recently the largest pieces of play equipment have been installed, as the 30 foot tall towers for the suspension bridge were put into position. Check the Project Webcams to keep track of the daily progress.