Maggie Daley Park will be the result of reimagining and renovating over 2o acres of Grant Park, including Daley Bicentennial Plaza. Click here to read about the North Grant Park site’s history, existing conditions, and the vision for its future.
Click here to view a variety of images related to the new park, including a visual history of the site, photographs of existing conditions, and graphics shown at public meetings. The latest plans for the park can be viewed here.

Construction on Maggie Daley Park began October 2012. Click here to read about progress updates and view webcam images of the construction.


July 2014 Construction Update

Planting has finally begun at Maggie Daley Park! Over the last few weeks, the site has undergone significant change and the key park elements are being installed. The exposed aggregate pathways are being installed in segments throughout the North half of the site. The first section of planting was installed starting on June 27, with planting and soil operations ongoing for weeks to come. A large customized conveyor belt is being used to transport soil across the garage roof to allow crews to plant each of the 1436 proposed trees to be planted in healthy horticultural soil. Elsewhere lightpoles are being installed and the first elements of Play Garden are being installed. The "Play Pyramid" has taken its place a top the stacks of geofoam which will create "Slide Crater" and can be seen from any vantage point on the site. In the next few weeks, plants will continue to be installed and the first segments of Ice Ribbon Surface will be poured. Check the Project Webcams to keep track of the daily progress.


May 2014 Construction Update


Work at Maggie Daley Park is moving at a vigorous pace. The first portions of the new landscape are finally taking shape. Crews are working everyday to add soil in the Northern half of the site, which will shape the new lawn valleys. Great progress has also been made on the Ice Ribbon Walls, and the mechanical systems to create the Ice surface are being installed as well. In the next few weeks, the horticultural soils needed for healthy plant growth will be installed, followed by the first group of trees and shrubs to populate the new park. Play Equipment is in production and will be shipped to the site in the coming days in order to begin the installation. Check the Project Webcams to keep track of the daily progress.