Maggie Daley Park will be the result of reimagining and renovating over 2o acres of Grant Park, including Daley Bicentennial Plaza. Click here to read about the North Grant Park site’s history, existing conditions, and the vision for its future.

Click here to view a variety of images related to the new park, including a visual history of the site, photographs of existing conditions, and graphics shown at public meetings.

Construction on Maggie Daley Park began October 2012. Click here to read about progress updates and view webcam images of the construction.


March 2014 Construction Update


While distinguishing the blocks of geofoam from the slowly melting snow is a challenge, the work at Maggie Daley Park is continuing to move forward. Although it may be difficult to see, a large portion of the landform at the North end of the site has been created and the future park is beginning to take shape. The network of utilities are being installed as portions of the site become available for work. Recently, a small mockup of the future climbing wall was delivered to the site for review by the design team and the Park District. This is a valuable tool to ensure that the construction of this exciting feature meets the Park District's standards.


February 2014 Construction Update


The frigid temperatures experienced this winter continue to be a challenge for contractor’s working on Maggie Daley Park. In spite of the conditions, work continues to progress. Utilities for the future site lighting and the pipe network for collection of stormwater have been installed for large portions of the site. The installation of geofoam to create new landforms will be continue to be a major part of the ongoing work. The search for plant material is nearly complete, with some great selections of trees being found in recent weeks. As the weather warms, installation will begin for the Ice Ribbon and the earthwork will be restarted.